Antenna Combiner for PSMĀ® Wireless Systems


The PA821B active broadband antenna combiner streamlines the simultaneous operation of many PSM systems at a venue. The PA421B combines the RF outputs from up to four PSM transmitters into one RF output to feed a single transmit antenna. This provides significantly improved reception quality due to reduced intermodulation distortion and dropouts due to multipath interference. (Directly replaces PA421A.)

Combines up to four PSM transmitters to a single antenna set for improved RF networking & reduced rack clutter.
Wideband operation (470-865 MHz)
4 Input LED signals (green when active; off when inactive)
Quieter, temperature-sensitive fan for significant reductions in ambient unit noise and heat
Daisy-chain up to 2 combiners with the expansion port.
LED indicators for signal presence and signal overload
Passive (non-powered) antenna combining*
* Contact Shure Service Department for more detail and availability. Requires modification of unit by qualified service technician.

The PA421B is compatible with Shure PSM300, PSM 900 and PSM 1000.


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